It aims to create a work environment that values the company's employees, enhances their well-being and job satisfaction, develops talent, and promotes performance.
Our company displays a fair and impartial attitude in the recruitment process. Recruitment of candidates will be based solely on their job performance, abilities, experience and suitability. All candidates will receive equal opportunities in the recruitment process.
Our company provides training and development opportunities to help our employees perform better in their jobs and advance in their careers. This will help employees gain the necessary tools to increase their skills, be more efficient at their job, and achieve the company's goals.
You can review our open postings listed below and apply quickly to the postings that you think are suitable for you.


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Customer satisfaction is always our primary goal..

Eskaplast Plastik has kept the quality and hygiene level at the highest level in the plastics industry, in which it has been in a forward-oriented manner, without compromising on quality and service since its establishment.

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