Our Quality Policy ;

As an organization that makes a significant contribution to the country's economy, is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society, and has a certain place in the sector in terms of technology and quality, our goal is to ensure the continuous satisfaction of our customers.

⋅ The only condition for sustaining our existence is to provide our customers with high-technology products and services and make them prefer us.

⋅ All of our employees see each other as customers with the same feeling and thoughts and are based on continuous development and the satisfaction of our customers.

⋅ Being aware of the fact that the unconditional satisfaction of our customers passes through the happiness of our employees, we support and encourage the development of our personnel.

⋅ Our main principle is to reduce our costs, increase our efficiency, and to produce with capacity optimization by working in mutual cooperation and trust with companies that provide goods and services to us and also buy goods and services from us.


Quality Certificates ;

icon1 UN Certificates;

All dangerous packages should be transported in “UN” marked packages. Indicates that the UN-marked package and its design have been tested according to the specification specified by the United Nations Committee of Experts for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (UN).

With this safety certificate, which was given after passing tough tests such as dropping, stacking and pressure tests, Eskaplast now produces its products at world standards.


icon1 ISO 9001 Certificates ;

 The ISO 9001 Standard specifies the requirements of the quality management system that an organization will comply with when it needs to demonstrate its ability to provide products that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements and aim to increase customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 describes the processes, policies, and approaches that organizations need to establish a sustainable quality management system. Today, it is one of the most common and most basic management system standards for every sector and company, regardless of the context of the organization and field of activity. Having verified its quality management system through independent third-party accredited institutions, Eskaplast can differentiate in the market and increase its competitive power.


icon1Suitability for Food;

 Indicates suitability of machines or systems for food production.





Customer satisfaction is always our primary goal..

Eskaplast Plastik has kept the quality and hygiene level at the highest level in the plastics industry, in which it has been in a forward-oriented manner, without compromising on quality and service since its establishment.

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